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Prince's Three Nights With Paisley

1.17.13 ~ 1.19.13

Night 1, 2 Shows

Night 2, 2 Shows

Night 3, 2 Shows

Night 2 ~ "Jam" ~ Show 1
When Prince announces 3 nights of last minute 'surprise' performances at an extremely intimate Minneapolis venue, it is definitely the hottest and sexiest ticket in town.  Night 1 was labeled as the 'Audition', with night 2 being the "Jam" and Night 3 the "Surprise".   

At Night 2, the earliest of the two 'Jam' performance sturned out to be a grooving dance party in cozy and intimate setting, dimly lit with low lights and candles.

With the sold-out crowd wasting no time finding their seats, the overall vibe of curiosity filled the room.  While sipping drinks, the die-hards exchanged stories of their past Prince experiences.  

Night 1's show focused on his drummer and horn section, and Prince chose not to speak into the mic at all.  For Night 2's set, fans would get the complete opposite of Night 1.  Prince walked on stage wearing gold sunglasses and a long, black jacket only to instantly command the mic telling the audience "Dancing is allowed."  Throughout the rest of the 80 minute set he coaxed the band as well as the audience, as he worked up a jamming explosion that had almost the whole room dancing by the end of the set.  Of course this is just what The Man wanted, and he gets what he wants.   

The band began by tearing into "Act of God", and the rest of the set spanned Prince's career with hits as well as a mingling of songs recognized by the die-hard fans in the audience.  Heard were selections such as the slower jam of "Satisfied' to 'Let's Work', 'Something in the Water Does Not Compute' and even 'Cool' (an older collab with The Time).  He even mingled in some classic covers of Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Janet Jackson and closed out this early performance with a lights-up party jam of Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" that left the room on fire.  

Since this was the first of two performances for the evening, it was almost as if the set had to come to a close just at the peak of it all.  The quickly dismissed crowd appeared none other than satisfied with their $100-$150 Prince experience.  If nothing else, they wanted more of the dance party they had just witnessed.  One can only imagine what the second show of the night would be like, with the first having turned out to be such an epic warm up for Prince and his new band.