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Ivey Awards

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The Ivey Awards project was established in 2004 to celebrate Twin Cities professional theater.

The Ivey Awards has two primary objectives:

  • Increasing awareness of Twin Cities professional theater
  • Creating a celebration for all people who love Twin Cities' theater; those within the theater community and those in the audience.

The Ivey Awards celebration event is staged each fall and honors productions from the previous September 1-to-September 1 theater season. The festive evening includes entertainment provided by the Twin Cities theater community, locally and nationally noted hosts, and recognition of theater organizations and individuals. 

Three general categories were included in the recognition ceremony:

  • Awards for established works and for emerging works by both theater organizations and individuals (determined by representatives of all theater organizations participating in the project)
  • An award for theater highlights (determined by the theater-going public) 
  • Recognition for work in the areas of production, design, direction, performance, and special citations (determined by a group of 100 volunteer evaluators)
The system used to evaluate the hundreds of productions staged each year has been developed to include many perspectives. The skills of 100 volunteer evaluators representing a variety of interests and backgrounds are incorporated in the process using both objective ratings and subjective commentary.

Recognition is awarded for work produced during the previous year. And the recognition is formulated by those in the Twin Cities who love theater. Because creativity is not a competition, there are no nominees, pre-determined award categories or set number of awards.

In addition, all members of the theater-going public can submit their views about each production attended. The combined responses from these theater fans form the basis for special recognitions bestowed at the annual ceremony.