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OTEP  - Hydra 

          Otep has gone on to say that this will be her final album.  It is hard to think that this might be true.  I know she has her art and poetry to help her release some of her pent up aggression and anger, but she does an excellent job releasing it with her music.  We have all heard many other artists say that they are done, and then they make their come back a few years after saying that.  Let’s hope that’s the case with Otep, but if it is the case, she leaves her fans and followers with Hydra.

            Hydra is a concept album about a woman who is corrupted with the world and is faced with a bunch of evil.  Kind of makes you wonder if Otep is writing an auto biography about herself?  She has always been open in the past about how tortured she was when she was younger and how the world is so corrupted.

            Hydra is an album with 13 tracks that takes the listener through a movie.  It starts off with “Rising” that sounds like something out of a horror movie.  Then the blistering “Blowtorch Nightlight” kicks in.  This album reminds me a lot of her second full length, House of Secrets.  It has a handful of heavy and fast tracks and then the rest are her poetry reading, or stories, with disturbing sounds and slower music in the back ground.  “Hematopia,” Necromantic,” Quarantine,” and “Voyeur” are all tracks linked with her slower reading type of songs.  “Apex Predator” does bring it back up to pace a bit with her mesmerizing voice and screams.  I find Otep at her best with the heavier tracks.  That’s when she gets to show off her voice and her talents.  I don’t mind a couple of tracks to be the slower poetry reading, but I am not a fan of having most of the album with those tracks.

         The heavier songs on this album are: “Blowtorch Nightlight, “Crush,” second half of “Feral Game,” and “Hag.”  The last track “Theophagy” is listed at a twenty-two minute song, but it truly lasts for about 6 minutes.  It is another slower song with her talking about the Hydra story.  If you fast forward the last track till the end, you get to hear Otep scream for one last time.  I would have loved to hear her heavier stuff on what is said to be her last album, so I hope she does make a comeback so she can Save this Art.