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'MUTEMATH Brings Their Odd Soul to the Orange Peel'
March 11, 2012 : Reviewed by Justin Cole

On Sunday (March 11th, 2012) we made the short trek to Asheville to see one of our favorite bands.  We can always count on MUTEMATH to supply an evening full of fun.  This was our 10th time seeing the band in the last 6 years and, as always, they delivered.
Singer, Paul Meany, informed us early in the show that the band would be performing their entire 'Odd Soul' album in addition to a bunch of their back catalog.  Coming through on that promise, they delivered a 26 song set that clocked right at 2 hours.
The show began with the band parading through the crowd from the back of the club, each member with a percussive instrument and surrounded by holiday lights.  As they took to the stage, drummer Darren King performed his ritual act of duct taping his headphones to his head and the band launched into the title track from 'Odd Soul'. 
New guitarist Todd Gunnerman starts off the first single from 'Odd Soul', 'Blood Pressure'.  At this point it appeared that they might play the album front to back, and then they played their breakout song 'Spotlight' from the 'Armistice' album and Twilight soundtrack; the song that made them famous.  
They followed this up with more songs from their latest album, and took a detour for a couple of songs from thier previously mentioned album, 'Armistice' including my personal favorite from it titled 'Clipping'.  
Next, the band amped up the energy with 'Plan B', a song from their first EP 'Reset'.  After the newest single 'Calvaries', it was time for bassist Roy Mitchell-Cardenas to show off his skills on the instrumental 'Obsolete'.  Then came a couple of more songs, 'Walking Paranoia' and 'One More', from 'Odd Soul'.  They slowed it down a bit with the beautiful 'Odds', and 'In No Time'.  
From here on out the show was a continuous blur of awesomeness.  While earlier in the set some in the crowd seemed to just take in new songs, by this time everyone started to get more into the show ~ dancing, jumping around and singing along.
MUTEMATH ripped through favorites 'Noticed' and 'Chaos' and then Paul gets down in the crowd to sing 'Equals', the most anthemic song from the new album.  As he belts it out, confetti erupts all around.  Another eruption occured as the band broke into their first ever single 'Control' and then came 'Break the Same' which they cut short and launched into 7 minute 'Odd Soul' album closer 'Quarantine'.  
Following 'Quarantine', the band went into their patented percussion jam; where all four of the guys bang away on anything and everything around, and Darren comes down into the crowd to bang a snare drum.  For me Darren is always the highlight of MUTEMATH shows; he is a blur of energy and frenetic beats and sometimes I believe smoke can be seen coming from his drumsticks.
 Sometime during that jam Paul was down in the crowd again, surfing on an air mattress embedded with LED lights. 
After a short encore the band returns to play instrumental masterpiece 'Reset', featuring Paul rocking out on a modified Atari instrument.  This was followed by the set closer 'Typical', which features Paul rocking the keytar harder than it has ever been rocked before.