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Fall City Fall

Fall City Fall – Victus

          Victus is the first full length album Fall City Fall(FCF).  They have released two EP’s prior to this full length off Victory Records.  Victus is a hardcore blast of riffs and screams.  This five piece band is from Canada and they are hoping to make an impact on the US.  I don’t think they will have too much of a problem doing that the way hardcore music is exploding in the States. FCF is not doing anything new or nothing that we haven’t heard before.  While listening to this album, I found myself (at times) thinking that I was listening to Every Time I Die and a little bit of Dillinger Escape Plan, more so ETID.  I am not saying that FCF is a copy-cat of ETID, they just have a lot of similarities in the guitar sound and vocals.

            FCF is unique in a way that they have two vocalists.  FCF is nothing compared to other two vocalists bands that come to mind; Linkin Park or Lacuna Coil.  Nathan Zorn and Kennan Pylchaty do an excellent job trading vocal duties on Victus.   FCF is completed by Andre Urquidi laying down the bass tracks, Jordan Storey with the manic guitar riffs, and Nathan Pope putting the craziness on the drums.  From the videos I have seen online, FCF is not going to be a band standing on stage looking at their shoes.  They are one energetic band that wants to put on a great show for their fans.

            Their first single is “Anxiety Attact,” and I find that to be the perfect song for the first taste of Victus.  This song gives the listener a taste of what the whole album is like.  Its fast, upbeat, and all screams.  “Many Lives” is a two minute instrumental that gives the album a little break from all the craziness.  Then “Shallow Believer” takes off where “Many Masters” left before the little break.  Track number ten (“Taken”) takes the listener thru a little journey on the creepiness that is hiding “in their closets.”  It is a slow moving song with Nathan and Kennan screaming over the creepy sounding music.  The album ends with “Victus” that will leave the listener wanting more and more from FCF.