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Continents -  Idle Hands

            Continents is a new band that comes to us from the UK. The UK has brought us many great bands including Bring Me the Horizon and Asking Alexandria.  Continents new album, Idle Hands, is released by Victory Records, which is a perfect fit for this band.  Idle Hands is a 12 track album that starts off with “224,” which is a one minute intro of what the listener is about to witness.  Idle Hands is an album full of meaty riffs and hooks that will make fans of Emmure happy.  The breakdowns on this album remind me a lot of old Bury Your Dead.  Your neck will be sore after listening to this album with all the breakdowns that are on Idle Hands.

            “Trails” is their first single off Idle Hands and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  It has the scream along shouts that will make any concert goer, screaming their throats out(along with track “Truth and Lies”).  The video for “Trials” is a good indication of what the band is like live.  Full of energy, angst, and having a good time on that stage.  Continents is definitely a band that will get any one in the mosh pit to start throwing their arms around and doing leg kicks.          

            Idle Hands is a non-stop full on hardcore album from start to finish.  There is no slowing down for these Brits.  This is a great start to what I hope is a lengthy career for Continents.  Stand out tracks on this album are “Idle Hands,” “Inhale,” “Trials,” and “Exhale.”